EFFE-ERRE al Festival della Canzone Italiana

The 72nd Sanremo Festival took place from 1 to 5 February 2022.

On this occasion, once again this year, the Liguria Region involved the EFFE-ERRE company for the creation of the award for the Best Cover: the Lantern, made entirely in filigree by the mastery of the Campo Ligure artisans, was delivered by the president of the Region to the winners, Gianni Morandi and Jovanotti.

Seeing the award delivered in the hands of two artists who have made – and continue to do – the history of Italian music, made all the filigree artists who, with their own hands, helped to create and work every single one, feel triumphant for a moment. silver thread that makes up the Lantern.
EFFE-ERRE is proud to have once again represented the tradition of the Ligurian hinterland at the Ariston Theater!