Who we are

Our company is dedicated on making of jewelry in silver filigree, but our production does not stop at that.

The realization of our filigree products is carried out entirely by hand, by highly skilled craftsmen and experts, in order to keep unchanged this ancient tradition of Campo Ligure, today only national center of filigree productions.

We offer a wide range of products and, among them, stands out for its importance and originality the production of objects related to the religious cult (rosaries, rosary bracelets, chalices, ciboria, monstrance’s, patens …), that are accompanied by a wide range of jewelry, with particular attention to its traditional Sardinian specialties, South Tyrolean and from the Abruzzo Italian region.

We do not miss also to care, with the warmth of the workshop, any custom manufacture request of models that are out of print.

The mission

Years of experience and passion in the performed work, lead to the crucial awareness when using quality materials, the attention to detail and to a craftsmanship made in Italy, all in an attempt to satisfy the desires of each customer.

Therefore EFFE-ERRE aim is continuing improvements, changes of the productions according to market demands and always keeping as cornerstone the old tradition of filigree products.