Who we are

Our company is dedicated to the production of filigree jewelry in silver.
Highly qualified and experienced artisans carry out the creation of filigree products entirely by hand, in order to maintain this ancient tradition of Campo Ligure, town that is the only national production center, using a process that is unchanged over time. We offer a very wide range of products, among which the production of objects related to religious worship (rosaries, rosary bracelets, chalices, pyxes, monstrances, patens …), a productioon that stands out for importance and originality, alongside to a wide assortment of jewels, with particular attention to those of the Sardinian, South Tyrolean and Abruzzo’s traditions.

We do not fail to take care, with the typical warmth of the artisan workshop, upon request of custom production models, which are out of catalog.


Years of experience and passion in their work have led to the awareness of the fundamental importance of using quality materials, attention to detail and Made in Italy artisanship, in an attempt to satisfy the wishes of each customer.

This is therefore are EFFE-ERRE goals: continue improvement and production changes in response to market demands, while always maintaining the ancient tradition of the filigree process at the base.


EFFE-ERRE started activities in the 1986, with the initial goal to support the marketing of the products of another company, the “Oliveri Felice”. The “Oliveri Felice” worked in the filigree field for decades, devoting itself solely to the production of jewelry (brooches, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings) and various types of ornaments.
In 1987, EFFE-ERRE took over both production and marketing. Since then, the company’s goal has been to combine an ancient art such as filigree with current tastes, to satisfy a clientele that is increasingly close to innovations but still fond of the ancient traditions of the works created by hand by the master filigree artists from Campo Ligure.

The growth path is gradual and constant and, during the 90s: a vast range of novelties is added to the first collections (among which the production of traditional Sardinian, Abruzzo, Trentino-South Tyrol and South Tyrolean jewels that stand out for importance and originality. that allow the company to expand throughout Sardinia, Abruzzo, Alto Adige, Austria and Germany) and the creation of objects for religious worship (rosaries, votive hearts, monstrances, chalices, patens, pastorals, ampoules, pyxes, bowls, thuribles) which, in a short time, offer the great opportunity to start and develop a working collaboration with the most important shops of religious articles and with the main Italian sanctuaries, to penetrate foreign markets, such as France, Spain , Portugal, Croatia and South America, through the sanctuaries of Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela, Fatima, Medjugorje and Guadalupe.

The production and sale of religious objects are still one of the greatest resources of EFFE-ERRE that, for obvious reasons, constantly continues to seek new sources of inspiration in order to progress.
In this regard, thanks to the experience gained over the years and the desire to pay attention to the evolution of tastes and market needs, the company created the ALEXIS brand in 1999; with it he proposes an original production of rosaries, dozens and rosary bracelets tied in metal or rope, which complete the existing silver collection. In 2009, the Liguria region recognized EFFE-ERRE, already honored by the “Consorzio Filigranisti di Campo Ligure”, with the registered trademark placed as a guarantee of the real handmade watermark, the “DOC” for its production, bearing the “Artigiani in Liguria”.