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Filigree Products


Pure silver is then at first melted, through the use of different equipment, and transformed in to thin wires before to be entrusted to highly skilled craftsmen who, with their own hands, create small works of art.

Religious Articles in Silver


The production of silver articles dedicated to sacred worship includes, among other articles, rosaries, rosary bracelets, rings and crosses. To meet the needs of each customer, each product can be customized with cruises and medals.

Religious Articles in Metal


The ALEXIS products lineup is based upon an high-quality craftsmanship and offers a wide productions of rosaries and rosary bracelets that can be linked in metal or in rope. The originality of these products is guaranteed by the possibility for customers to also customize each one of them.

Liturgical items, Ex Voto and Brotherhoods Medallions

The production of religious articles, originally solely based on the art of filigree, was enhanced by processing products in silver, silverplated and olive wood. Part of the production, are also “Ex Voto” and “Brotherhoods (confraternita) Medallions”

The realization of the filigree products is entirely handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and experts; for this reason, the Liguria Region has recognized Effe-Erre the “DOC Ligurian Artisan” mark; Effe-Erre was already honored by the “Consortium Filigree of Campo Ligure” with the mark registration, that guarantee the originality and the crafting of handmade products.