Processing filigree jewelry follows the steps and rules specific to this ancient tradition. Through the use of different equipment, pure silver is melted and transformed into thin wires, then entrusted to highly skilled craftsmen who, with their own hands, create small works of art.
Each piece is made entirely within the company and thus offers customers the ability to customize any product to suit your taste and needs.
Within this production, particular emphasis is given to the jewels of its Sardinian tradition, South Tyrol and Abruzzo.

Religious articles silver

A large part of the production is dedicated to the production of silver items for religious worship, including rosaries, rosary bracelets, rings and crosses.
With the experience gained over the years and the desire to pay attention to the evolution of most recent tastes, the collections are continuously enriched.
Customers are also given the opportunity to customize most of the products, completing them with little cross and medals that are minted or with the technique of “cera persa” (micro fusion) made within the company.

Religious articles in metal

Under the brand ALEXIS created in 1999 to respond to changing customer needs and to complete the collection in silver existing proposal is an original production of rosaries and rosary bracelets linked in metal or in rope. These processes are constantly updated and expanded, following the constant changes of the marked.
Again, each customer can tailor the desired items, including the possibility to insert between the product grains medallion depicting saints and religious figures.

Liturgical items, Ex Voto and Brotherhoods Medallions

With the collection ASTRO, EFFE-ERRE present sacred objects in silver created with the collaboration of ancient silversmiths, to extend and complete the range filigree existing for years. The ASTRO product lineup offer also items of furniture sacred in silver-plated and olive wood. Customer is always guaranteed the possibility of creating unique special creations when demanding specific design.

Votive hearts and objects representing different parts of the body are available in brass and silver; In the popular tradition are offered as a gift to God, to Our Lady and to the patron saints in fulfillment of a promise made or for a grace received.

In 2014 the Felli company in Milan closed for business operation and sold to our company the historic collection of molds of the medallions of the brotherhoods. EFFE-ERRE acquired these products with the intention to maintain and possibly enrich this Old Italian tradition.