The Company EFFE-ERRE was founded in Campo Ligure, a little town of less than 4000 souls in the Apennines just at the North of Genoa, Cristopher Colombo’s Birth Place, during the 1986.

At the beginning, EFFE-ERRE supported the marketing of the production of one another company, the “Felice Oliveri” that for decades worked in the field of the filigree, dedicated to the production of jewelry (brooches, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants rings) and ornaments of various kinds.

In the 1987 EFFE-ERRE take control of both components: production and marketing. Since then, the company’s goal is always to join an ancient art as the filigree to the current tastes, satisfying traditional customers and customers closer to innovations. At the same time, the EFFE-ERRE goal is to be loyal to the ancient traditions of the hand works created by Campo Ligure filigree masters.

The Company growth was gradual and steady: in the ’90s, the first collections are joined by a wide range of innovations among which stand out the production of important and original traditional jewels of Sardinia, Abruzzo, Alto Adige and South Tyrol, allowing the company to expand  the customer base throughout the Sardinia island and the Abruzzo region, in the South Tyrol, Austria and Germany) and the creation of objects for religious worship (rosaries, votive hearts, monstrance, chalices, patens, Cruets, pastoral, ampoules, ciborium, bowls, spoons) that, in a short time, offered a great opportunity to start and develop a working collaboration with the most important shops of religious articles and major Italian shrines, and to penetrate foreign markets, such France, Spain , Portugal, Croatia and South America markets, through the sanctuaries of Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela, Fatima, Medjugorje and Guadalupe.

The production and sale of religious objects are still one of the largest resources of EFFE-ERRE that, for obvious reasons, constantly continues to seek improvements trough new sources of inspiration.

In this regard, thanks to the experience gained over the years and the desire to pay attention to changes in the tastes and needs of the market, the company creates in 1999 the brand ALEXIS that, as complement the existing collection in silver, proposed original production, , using metal or rope link, of rosaries, ‘decine’ (ten beans rosaries) and rosary bracelets.

During the 2009, the Italian Liguria Region recognized to EFFE-ERRE productions the “DOC” classification brand of “Artisans in Liguria”, title already honored by the “Consorzio di Campo Ligure Filigree”, officially registering and guaranteeing the true handmade filigree status of the Company.